Terms & Conditions (from 2011-2017) warranty until 2020

  • 100% Money Back Guarantee applies to all products.   Simply send the product back to us along with your contact information and we will issue a refund or replacement product. Ship fees refunded also.
  • Always follow strict firearm safety rules at all times.   Always keep firearms locked when not in use to keep safely out of the hands of children, unauthorized users, etc.
  • Never service any product on the rifle or handgun (change batteries, inspect diode brightness, etc) NEVER LOOK DOWN BARREL WHEN CHECKING LASERS, people do this !!! STOP !!! Remove laser unit before checking for laser beam or shine it on a safe area. Not you hand.
  • Never point laser directly at anything you don't intend to destroy.
  • Never point laser in eyes.
  • Never attach products to any firearm other than make and model specified in the instructions.
  • Friction may cause wear over time - Ariete LLC and Ramlite LLC are not responsible for normal wear at friction points.
  • Keep product away from metal fragments and check the magnet before attaching to your firearm.  Note:  metal fragments may be removed with tweezers and/or VHB tape.
  • Keep magnetic products away from sand/soil as they often contain iron fragments.
  • Ariete LLC and Ramlite LLC are not responsible for damage caused to firearms in conjunction with product usage. (If you are unsure about how to use / install our product(s), ask before proceeding.
  • Ariete LLC and Ramlite LLC are not responsible for any harm caused to property or individuals in conjunction with product usage.
  • FRAUD ATTEMPTS cancel our warranty immediately, comms cease and fraud will be reported with relevant authorities forthwith which may include Law Enforcement, Paypal, Stripe, credit card companies etc at our discretion