• Geco LP2 flare gun (powder coated) w/ top and bottom rail & wood grips

    $349.99 $275.00

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    Perfect for Appalachian Trail ! You can legally cross state lines and defend yourself from bears and baddies.  Most people buy the PL-Mini light and the red laser from us. Most people use the buck and ball shotshell in 410 cal and carry 45 Long rounds also. You can also shoot 38 Special and 22 LR + many others if you buy the correct inserts. [12 gauge is a no-no, this will break your wrist and blow up the flare gun, same with rifle rounds e.g 7.62x39]

    No paper trail / no FFL / subcal insert comes with BATF letter / I can ship direct to you. 100% no quibble warranty / Tested by me personally in the woods.

    Frame and barrel are powder coated. Clamp-on lower rail. VHB tape top rail (no movement, can be removed without damage to barrel in 1 minute) Handmade grips (unique not available anywhere else!) are included.

    -Olight 400 lumen flashlight installed on lower rail is not included ($75 if want it, includes charging cable) Valkyrie PL-Mini.

    -Micro RMR is $30 (green and red dot option) will arrive pre- zeroed to 10 yards.

    -Green laser is brightest zeroable switchable legal laser in the world, not available anywhere else.

    I can install the Doroftei type iron sights or the polymer AR flip up type or anything else....just ask, this is free if you choose no options.

    I have other caliber options for the subcal insert e.g. 22LR etc