• Browning Hi-Power Magnetic Weaver Rail P35 / BDM avail. too

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    There are only 2 items left in stock.
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    There are only 2 items left in stock.

    7 days from time of order and payment until shipment occurs. This is a handmade product made to close tolerances which will fit your handgun perfectly. I cannot afford to make each and every variation and have them ready to ship, it would cost $100k to do that. If you email me saying 'you debited my card and where is my tracking # after 2 days I will cancel the order and refund immediately'. Thank you. By purchasing you agree to these terms and conditions. 'In stock' means I have the flat laser cut blank and the other parts but it will need to be formed and finished after you order and pay. Thank you.

    This is a magnetic weaver rail.
     Warranty until 2020.
    Approx lead time on this product is 5 days to get shipped. We send tracking # by email.
    Please be sure to select the following from the boxes above:

                 -   Handgun Model (either BDM or HI-Power)
    Stays on during recoil, your accessory retains zero
    ^^^The accessory shown is a large light which is heavy, costly and of an old design. You may be better off with our Olight S1 Baton product (magnetic) or....maybe the rechargeable version (S1R) please email

    FEG ? Not the same as Hi-Power, even PJK-9HP so please email and I will give you a lead time.

    PRE-ORDER ONLY. You buy - we make. Approx lead time on this product is 5 days.
    If you are impatient do not buy this product. 'In stock' means we have the blanks available to make the product - it is not finished. Thank you. Please be sure to select the following from the boxes above:

     - Handgun Model (and for an even better experience the brand and model # of your accessory) or...think again and buy the Olight S1 product.

    The Magnetic Weaver Rail product does NOT include a laser or flashlight.  This allows you to add your own accessories for example: Crimson Trace, Viridian, etc.
    This product is designed to be used for Home Defense. 
        Stays on during recoil
        Customer added accessories retain zero
    Note:   This product is for use with high grade lasers and lights.   If you are looking for a low cost alternative please see our red laser products and red laser with flashlight combo products or the Olight etc. 
    Buy with confidence - 100% money back guarantee.

    Hi PoweBDM Hi-Power P35 GP35 LP2 Inglis High Power Hipower B.D.M. BDA B.D.A. use with Crimson Trace or Viridian lasers laserlyte lasermax olight streamlight laser flashlight edc taclight tactical torch Sight Browning FN FNH Herstal Green Red