Q: Why did Ramlite close ? We managed to defend ourselves against anti-gun attacks from Amazon, Paypal, eBay, YouTube etc. What we did not predict was a total rejection by the gun community, industry and YouTube channels. We tried over the course of many years to contact the relevant people for advice (nothing more) and simply could not get a conversation. The worst: IV8888, MAC and their related stores.

Q:  A friend has a Ramlite product, can I use it on my firearm?

A:  Only if the gun is identical, each product is made for a specific firearm, if your firearm isn't exactly the same it may not fit and could cause damage if you attempt to force it.  For example a Colt Commander product does not fit a full size Colt 1911, the gun frames are very different. A Colt 1911 does not fit a Para Ordnance or a Springfield. IT IS ESSENTIAL YOU BUY THE RIGHT PRODUCT. If the fit is too tight the Ramlite product will come off the gun during shooting.

Q:  How long is the warranty?

A:  The warranty is valid until 2020.  We have a 100% no hassle, money back warranty.


MB - California
"Your product is great!"

DB - Idaho
"You folks make an excellent product at a fair price, in fact you should raise the price since your competitors charge much more...  I never thought I could add a light and laser to my vintage 1911, HI Power, or my CZ75.  You made it happen!  Being able to add lights and lasers to those old time favorite handguns means a lot to me, as I am sure it does to others like me."

CP - Ohio
"The red laser I bought for my son's Remington model R1, 1911 A1 clone, fit beautifully and he was very pleased.  The laser for my Browning Hi-Power fit nicely as well.   Of course I was not surprised by this.  You make a good product.  I appreciate all of your efforts and it is a real pleasure working with someone who is committed to the quality of his product."

DC - Ohio
"Received the rail a couple days ago, I'm very impressed!  Locks on very tight and fits like a glove!  I'll be headed to the gun store on Monday to try out a few accessories.  I bet they will be very interested in your product so I'll leave your card with them."

MC - New Hampshire
"The CZ75B with your laser and M&P with RMR red dot were the best groups and equivalent to each other at 7 yards.  The 1911 has the best trigger but with just my eye sight the group really opened up.  I have had no problems with the function your unit and the zero has not drifted.   If I needed to reach for just one gun it would be the CZ75B with your unit on it."

TM - Wisconsin
"I really like the re-designed on/off switch... New laser is great!"

BD - Texas
"You guys have some great products!  Keep up the good work!  I look forward to doing more business with you.  Thanks again!"