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We have 75% of our products in stock - if yours is not available please email us and we will get it made within 48 hours, thank you.

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We will update this site as other products become available, thank you for your patience and keep checking the site for more great products!

RAMLITE LLC is a manufacturer offering the RAMLITE line of "Magnetic Laser Sights"'Magnetic Laser / Flashlight "Combos" and ' Fixed Accessory Rails



RAMLITE  fills the niche of fitting lasers and/or flashlights to guns without rails       

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RAMLITE   Magnetic Mounts
We use high-tech neodymium magnets to strongly attach varied mounts to steel, stainless, polymer or aluminum pistol frames.

For  steel frames, the magnetic products mount directly to the pistol.
For alloy or polymer frames a thin magnetic adapter is used. The magnetic system assures a tight, fast mount / demount and tolerances are correct to provide repeatable zeroing.

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Red Laser

Magnetic Red Laser / Flashlight Combos

Fixed "New Tech" Rails

RAMLITE Rifle, Shotgun,
and Flare Pistol Mounts

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 For technical details  check out our User Guide

No question Money-back Guarantee !
If you are not satisfied we will return purchase price and shipping in exchange
for the return of the product

No shipping delay on any products in our store.  

  New easy-to-zero red laser for all red laser orders (including combos).

To contact us: WE PREFER EMAIL, (It keeps a better log of what we are making for you).
We welcome your questions/suggestions/ideas for firearm accessories

                    RAMLITE LLC                         E-mail: Sales@ArieteArms.com
                       18427 N. 42nd St.
                     Phoenix, AZ  85032                          Phone: (602)-999-0382              



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