Be sure to select right or left handed shooting, 
and if prompted, your firearm model at checkout!

Ramlite is your one-stop shop for lasers and flashlights made to specifically fit your handgun / pistol, rifle or flare gun.   We have developed magnetic products that take one second to put on/take off your firearm and our lasers retain zero under recoil.   

How does it work?   
The revolutionary Ramlite design takes advantage of a magnetic circuit which holds tight, until you want to take the product off.   Your Ramlite product will stay on during firing (recoil), limp-wristing and normal use; our lasers retain zero!   

We are so confident in our products, we offer a 100% money back guarantee! 

We have a no hassle refund policy.  If for any reason, you are not happy with your purchase, send it back and we will give you a full refund - no time limits - no games - no hassles!

How do I decide which product to buy?
Each product is specially designed to fit a specific firearm.   Please be sure to select right or left handed shooter, and if prompted, your firearm model.   Don't guess!  If you aren't sure, contact us before purchasing. 

Since our products are made from folded steel, you won't be able to "force fit" them.   
If are unsure which Firearm or Model you have, 
please contact us before you purchase.  

Note:  We sell accessories for firearms.  Pictures of firearms are for reference only and are NOT included with purchase.  

Ramlite Magnetic Lasers & Flashlights for Handguns, Rifles and Flare-guns.   We make products for 1911, Beretta, Ruger, CZ, Astra, Browning, FEG, PPS43-C, S&W, Star, Tokarev, VZ58, etc.

When it comes to Home Defense, Quality Matters!

Our products are made from folded steel, not cheap plastic.   We pay close attention to every detail using only high quality steel, superior powder coat finishes and cushioning to avoid marring your firearm.  

Advanced Features:
  • On/off switch at the trigger point (right or left handed)
  • Cushioning at connection points
  • Customized fit for each firearm
  • Wide range of products 

Our customers appreciate quality.  
We have thought of the details to give you 
a professional product at a great price.   

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