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We shut down for machine maintenance Feb 1 - Feb 8 We will take back orders during that time, I will have a skeleton staff making cycle production during that week. When we resume Feb 8, most orders will ship that day.
ONE WEEK TO DELIVER due to supply chain issues for products with the laser components. Anything without a laser is 1-3 days to ship.
Email only please at this difficult time.
ALL ORDERS ARE BEING MADE/SHIPPED IN ROTATION. We are catching up after lasers were delayed for delivery for 10 days.
Quantities: VZ58 (60 units) READY TO SHIP:  PPS43 and C ready to ship (specify on order if yours is the welded folded stock model - PPS43-C)

  •   RAMLITE (Phoenix, AZ, USA) is a small manufacturer of unique products for gun owners. 
  • We hand-fold the mounting systems and powder coat / assemble. We have zero workshop overheads and actually the products are low cost considering the fact each item is individually made.
  • Even the 'new tech' rails are precisely formed by hand.

Precise manufactured fit is critical to the function of our products, we attach the magnetic product to an example of your pistol before we ship to you. Sometimes we need to identify your pistol carefully to avoid a problem. Buyers send us pics showing the side of the pistol. Example: Colt 1911 and Springfield are NOT the same product. Rock Island 9mm 1911 is not the same as 45ACP Rock Island 1911. We manufacture down to 2/1000's of an inch.
Green lasers: we await the industry supplying a compact and BRIGHT green laser which can be seen in bright sunlight
Magnetic weaver rails are special order only and take longer to make
100% money back guarantee, no questions, no time limit.

We make these products by hand 7 days a week from 7am - 9pm AZ time - EMAIL ONLY please, (We are too busy to answer the phone unless it is an urgent tech inquiry - Nov - Feb is our busiest time)
Email is better because we have a record of buyer/gun/product...and you will get your item faster.

- YOUTUBE-  search 'Ramlite' then 'Playlists' then click the text of your pistol type....then text again for specific video.
-We cannot make a magnetic product for Ruger P94/95/97 at this time but do make the self adhesive rail (New Tech)
-We don't have dealers - profit too low

NOTHING we make is invasive to any firearm - no drilling, gluing etc
NOTHING we make is made by anyone else, all we sell is uniquely ours
EVERYTHING we make works and is made to the highest standard possible

CZ2075 RAMI  (close now !) / CZ75 COMPACT / PPS43 /  RUGER SR1911  (<--NOW DONE)
+ Later versions of rail-less pistols WITH rails e.g. SIG P229 / Beretta 92 / CZ75 + 85 / 1911's
Beretta Cheetah
(<--NOW DONE)/ Taurus Judge / S&W 4506, 4566, 469, 3913, 669. (669 <--NOW DONE)



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    We use high-tech neodymium magnets to strongly attach varied mounts to steel, stainless, polymer or aluminum pistol frames.

For  steel frames, the magnetic products mount directly to the pistol.
Alloy or polymer frames need a thin magnetic adapter. The magnetic system assures a tight, fast mount / demount and tolerances are correct to provide repeatable zeroing.

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Magnetic Red Laser

Examples of our Red Laser technologies shown on the  EAA Witness Compact

Magnetic Red Laser / Flashlight Combos
Examples of our Red Laser Combo technologies shown on the  Beretta 92 / Taurus PT92

Fixed "New Tech" Rails

RAMLITE Rifle, Shotgun,
and Flare Pistol Mounts

To view and buy products go to our Store 
 For technical details  check out our Youtube Channel Videos

                    RAMLITE LLC                         E-mail: Sales@ArieteArms.com
                       18427 N. 42nd St.                                
                     Phoenix, AZ  85032                          Phone: (602)-999-0382
                                                                             (Better service: email)   

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