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We have kept our prices LOW, our quality HIGH and more-for-your-money than ever before.

BUT production is intricate and involved and in order to survive the Aug-Oct quiet period we now advise you of our SHIP TIMES for all products. We are down to staff level of one designer and one technician.
[UPDATE due to Yankee Marshal video on YouTube : re-hired our best worker and we are in full production on the CZ75-B laser and laser/light , the first 10 ordered last night actually ship today]

Once you pay... we finish your product and ship as soon as possible.

Select 1911's / Tokarev / CZ75-B (+85-B) / Hi-Power / BDM / CZ75 / Canik Tristar 120 / Full size Witness Steel frame / Star Model B + Super / Star BM / FEG PJK-9HP / Star Firestar M43   <-----pre order and then ship time 2-4 days

FEG P9R / Arcus 94 98 / Firestar M40 / M1991 Compact  <------pre-order and then ship time is 5-8 days

FEG P9RK <----- a tough one and this takes 10 - 12 days

Cougar 8040 + 9mm + Stoeger versions without factory rails and NOT the 45 <----- pre-order and ship time 5-8 days

Beretta 92 FS (slightly sloped frame) + Taurus PT92 AF (parallel frame)  <----- 5-8 days

SIG P6 (P225) or P229 <----- Hard to make so 10 days at least

S&W 910 / 915 series (457 ? 908 + some others) these are hard to make <----- 10 days minimum

S&W 659 / 5906 Stainless <----- 5-8 days

S&W Alloy pistols (39-2, 59, 459, 5904) <----- adapter plate and close tolerances so 7-10 days

S&W 645 / 4506 <----- a reinforced low volume product so 7-10 days

S&W 4006 <----- one-off shape with high hand-time : 8- 12 days

POLYMER Witness and clones e.g. : SAR B6P / B9P / CZ TT9 + TT40 /  <---- 7-10 days

VZ58 : same day ship

PPS43-C (Pioneer Arms) : same day ship

NOT FORGETTING : RUGER P89 P85 P90 (P91 P81 ?) which are involved to make and take 7-10 days

NEW TECH RAILS : special order, takes up to 3 weeks, be nice and I will make one.

We do not have these pistols so I cannot make these products yet : S&W 1006 / Rami / CZ75B compact / Kimber 1911 / less well known 1911's / Tanfoglio Pavona / Colt Commander / Polymer Witness Compact / SIG P220 / SIG P226 / CZ97

Products we dropped due to lack of interest : Beretta 1934/1935 - Daewoo DP51 - S&W 669 - Colt Govt .380 - most Llama 45's

Products too small for our technologies : Colt Defender / Officers /anything truly pocket sized eg Llama lllA

FACTORY RAIL GUNS : we have exceptional products as shown on youtube, we need investment to make these ideas happen.

FLARE GUN : I need investment to make these magnetic products happen

SKS / Mosin : We need investment

Revolvers : Too busy to fully develop our ideas

1911's generally : if you sent me a Kimber frame and pay the FFL at your end and I pay mine here and you let me have it for 1 week I will make you a perfect product (+ 5 for our inventory) then we pay to send your frame back and you pay at you end again - you get combo for $65 and laser for $50. (half price) that way we can develop another product line. I wish we could make for Kimbers / Girsans / 9mm+10mm Rock Islands + loads of others.

*We have no leftie S&W products yet.

Jericho / Baby Eagle : I could do this but they are one-offs and completely handmade so 14 days + 25% higher cost - tough due to shape of frame.

Compact steel Witness (Wonder or blued finish) 9mm and 40 S&W are proven, 45ACP is not and we have had a failure so 45 is shelved.

Compact Polymer Witness : no products yet                    Makarov or Bersa Thunder type guns : not enough.... ....'land' to work with under frame

I can make for TZ99 + Tressitu / ATI C92 / Astra A80/90/100 (<---older manufacture, not the new manufacture)

If unsure of your pistol: email with a pic of the side of your pistol. Tell us if you are left-handed.
Don't order if you are impatient and cannot wait. Just order and forget, we send tracking when shipped. Send an email if you are concerned we don't have the order. All of this helps my sanity, this is a very hard business and the profits are small. Try not call us, the phone answering is hit and miss anyway. I try to answer calls but sometimes I am so overloaded I just cannot answer.

NEW DESIGN NOW AVAILABLE: SIG P6 / P225 / P226 / P228 / P229.   &    S&W 410 , 415, 910, 915    645 4506


SALES@ARIETEARMS (the email service is fast response)

  •   RAMLITE (Phoenix, AZ, USA) is a small manufacturer of unique products for gun owners started in 2010. We are 2 business partners. Ron is the designer and Dan is the folder / powdercoater / parts sourcer / videographer/ mail order packer and shipper/ email answerer/ design changer due to customer feedback see a)Ron above
  • We hand-fold the mounting systems and powder coat / assemble. We have zero workshop overheads and actually the products are low cost considering the fact each item is individually made. The designer has never taken a salary so the product is subsidized.
  • Even the 'new tech' rails are precisely formed by hand.
  • Very low production volume, max 40 units per week.
  • We want to expand, we want to bring all of our ideas to the marketplace. We came close on 'All American Makers' an investment show but were dropped at the last moment.
  • Got $100k to spare ? Want some fun ? and a return eventually ? Want to influence the tactical industry for the better with American ideas and execution ?

Precise manufactured fit is critical to the function of our products, we attach the magnetic product to an example of your pistol before we ship to you. Sometimes we need to identify your pistol carefully to avoid a problem. Buyers send us pics showing the side of the pistol. Example: Colt 1911 and Springfield are NOT the same product. Rock Island 9mm 1911 is not the same as 45ACP Rock Island 1911. We manufacture down to 2/1000's of an inch.
CURRENT ISSUES: some buyers have the transitional CZ 75 / 85 with squared off trigger guard - but is not the B model, your model must say B somewhere to be a B model (or BD)

Green lasers: we await the industry supplying a compact and BRIGHT green laser which can be seen in bright sunlight
Magnetic weaver rails are special order only and take longer to make
100% money back guarantee, no questions, no time limit.

We make these products by hand 7 days a week from 7am - 9pm AZ time - EMAIL ONLY please, (We are too busy to answer the phone unless it is an urgent tech inquiry - Nov - Feb is our busiest time)
Email is better because we have a record of buyer/gun/product...and you will get your item faster.

- YOUTUBE-  search 'Ramlite' then 'Playlists' then click the text of your pistol type....then text again for specific video.
-We cannot make a magnetic product for Ruger P94/95/97 at this time but do make the self adhesive rail (New Tech)
-We don't have dealers - profit too low

NOTHING we make is invasive to any firearm - no drilling, gluing etc
NOTHING we make is made by anyone else, all we sell is uniquely ours
EVERYTHING we make works and is made to the highest standard possible

NEW PRODUCTS: Polish Radom TT-C Tokarev, Star PD 45ACP, Canik S-120.

  / PPS43-C  /  RUGER SR1911  - actually identical to Remington R1
S&W 4506, 4566, 469, 3913, 669, 410, 415, 910, 915, 645


We have new flare gun designs being laser cut soon


To view and buy products go to our Store 




    We use high-tech neodymium magnets to strongly attach varied mounts to steel, stainless, polymer or aluminum pistol frames.

For  steel frames, the magnetic products mount directly to the pistol.
Alloy or polymer frames need a thin magnetic adapter. The magnetic system assures a tight, fast mount / demount and tolerances are correct to provide repeatable zeroing.

To view and buy products go to our Store 

Magnetic Red Laser

Examples of our Red Laser technologies shown on the  EAA Witness Compact

Magnetic Red Laser / Flashlight Combos
Examples of our Red Laser Combo technologies shown on the  Beretta 92 / Taurus PT92

Fixed "New Tech" Rails

RAMLITE Rifle, Shotgun,
and Flare Pistol Mounts

To view and buy products go to our Store 
 For technical details  check out our Youtube Channel Videos

                    RAMLITE LLC                         E-mail: Sales@ArieteArms.com
                       18427 N. 42nd St.                                
                     Phoenix, AZ  85032                          Phone: (602)-999-0382
                                                                             (Better service: email)   
Got Consideration ? Don't call us at 4am, concise emails work for you quickest.
Patents ? Forget it, not possible for a small company like us.
NOTE: It is not about the magnet - it works because of precise fit and magnetic CIRCUIT, it's why no-one else has ever done this before.
Think we use a cheap laser ? - actually it's very good and we make it even BETTER. It is one of the few that zeroes PREDICTABLY and has a 4 hour run-time and is recoil-proof over long periods of time.
Journalist ? Yes we want a mag article done on us, more interesting than carved wooden 1911's perhaps.
Documentary maker ? Yes we are interesting and will work with you.

FULL NO-NONSENSE REFUND POLICY no questions - no time limit. Ask anyone.

We are not gunsmiths ( although we know a thing or two ) we are inventors and hard workers - we are basically heavily armed sheet metal workers.  The precise shapes are laser cut in Phoenix, AZ and then we form them into just the right shape to do the job. Fully tested and proven for 5 years now. The original Remington Rand WW2 product took ONE FULL YEAR of development to get it to stay on the gun even with hot rounds and limp-wristing.
Then to get the idea to stay on a much smaller pistol like the Tokarev (with less metal to cling to) took yet another year of testing and research.
Then came the first alloy framed pistol : Ruger P89. This is our #2 best seller.

We would like to thank the many kind souls who have advised us , fedback to us, waited patiently, been enthusiastic. Thank you for getting us this far.

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